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Maia Maia is an community-run Emissions Reduction Currency System started in Perth, Western Australia

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Swapping stuff for boya

The first question people ask after they get a boya is, "What do I do with it?"

As you can imagine it takes awhile to get shops on board, and even though there are a few shops accepting them we still are working on formalising things with them so we are reluctant to list them until this work is complete

So, back to the question. Besides keeping it as a green geek souvenir (and a pretty cool one at that), or using it for a bookmark or wallpaper, what can you do with your boya?

The answer is all around you. You can swap it for stuff people already own (and people own a lot of stuff!!).

This is a good deal for the planet because if everybody swapped their stuff around more they'd need less new stuff right?

A Comparison

New stuff: Dig a lot of stuff out of the ground, use heaps of energy, pour in astonishing amounts of water, create a lot of pollution, throw out a lot of waste, and then move what's left over to someplace near you

Old Stuff: Zero. Well, maybe a little exercise as you pedal your used sofa to a friend on your push bike because you are such an eco-warrior. But hey, that's good for you.


How do you find someone with stuff to swap? Well you could put down your iPhone and talk to some one. Pretty old fashion I know ;)

Otherwise, if you are a person who likes the odd tweet, we have come up with a language you can use on Twitter to tell people you want to swap something for boya

To do this go on Twitter and tweet:

"@(Your Twitter Name) (boya price) B #swapboya 4 #(type of thing) (what exactly it is) #(generally where you are)"

For example: @JoeBloggs 10B #swapboya 4 #book EarthInTheBalance by @AlGore #Perth

To buy it tweet: "@(your Twitter name) will #swapboya with @(Seller twitter name) 4 #(type of thing) (what exactly it is)"

For example: @SamTheSham will #swapboya with @JoeBloggs 4 #book EarthInTheBalance by @AlGore #Perth

Then tee up using the private messages to arrange delivery.

Remember, never put personal details like addresses in a public tweet!!

Twitter does not search for tweets greater than 1.5 weeks old so transactions using #swapboya will need to occur in this time range or be re-tweeted.

The original tweet will be saved to your profile and can be copied from there if you want to keep it posted.

Well that's it. #swapboya 4 lots of fun!!

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