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Know someone who has done good things, for other people or for the Earth?  We all do.

Why not recognise them for it by giving them a Boya?

The Boya tells a story of how the community is working together to make a sustainable future for all of us.

Your gift to your friend will keep our stories going, and in the process link your friend to them.

Let them know that they can add their own good stories to their Boya through the QR Code link.

Example Boya QR Code

Then suggest that they pass it on to someone they know who is doing something special or needs inspiration.

In this way our efforts at changing longheld patterns of wastefulness and pollution can inspire even more healing change.

The media is full of negative images and news but we as a community, through sharing boya, can create new, more positive stories.

We invite you to 'Pay It Forward' with a Boya and keep the good news growing.